Fighterz Ceelis
Saiyan from the past.
21 (Post-Manus)
Long black ponytail, toned body, and looks like a Saiyan.
Casual Outfit
Battle Outfit (?)
Zuchia (Mother - Alive)
Ceelra (Father - Deceased)
Peppoa (Uncle - Alive)
Freestyle Martial Art
Ki Manipulation
Spirit Energy Channeling
Ability type
Mid-to-Close Ranged Ki User
Super Saiyan 1 / SSJ (Mastered)

"Life is experience.. as always."

A Saiyan warrior from the past after the Destruction of Planet Vegeta, Ceelis is one of the brave-hearted heroes in AiM history. Well-known love interest of Drum.

Ceelis is proven to be heroic to others' eyes or a good friend. Era-4 Hero.

This character is roleplayed by Altware400, a notable non-admin roleplayer on AiM.

Tier List

  • Base : ?
  • Base (Full power) : ?
  • Mastered Super Saiyan 1 : ?


Ceelis is a saiyan with black ponytail hair-style. She wears a purple battle suit fit for royal guard soldiers, along with a spandex to cover her battle scars from previous battles. She gained her father's skin complexion and eye shape, as well dark purple eye color.

She looks physically fit due to intense training from Royal Guards in the past, and, her arms and legs have visible solid muscles cause of it. Which makes her look quite threatening regardless of her short frame. She certainly looks like she came from the past.

If there's peace time, she might wear casual clothes to blend in with other earthlings. (Update)


She certainly cares about others who needs help and sense of heroism to any type of person, including villains like Dr. Wily. She got a prideful fighting spirit who likes challenges and great sense of respect to others, especially Vegeta himself.

Adventurous, thrill-seeking, and kind-hearted. However, she doesn't like to be mocked that she's weaker than others and it wounds her Saiyan pride as a Saiyan warrior that drives her angry. Ceelis learns her weaknesses that makes her somewhat stoic. She acts honorable and talks like a true martial artist.

The odd thing about this one. She likes battle poses 24/7 and sometimes she doesn't do it, if she feels like it or not. But not daily. Only gained the vibe of being a big fan of poses, such as.. Jojo Poses, Dan Habiki's battle poses, and Ginyu Force's poses that she admires a lot.

She's likely to be skilled fighter in battle, as well merciful at times. She tends to be ruthless to others like Polaris and Manus, but she also adapt from her mistakes to become a better hero due being inspired by Drum.


Ceelis ended up as a selected royal guard on Planet Vegeta from the past. She used to serve King Vegeta with a loyal heart and aims to be strong like her uncle who leads the royal guard platoon. Bullied by other young saiyans, she vowed to become strong like the others.

Years later, she turned 19 years old and fully capable to join the elite class like her uncle. Before she can do anything else, a massive ki-ball hurls towards Planet Vegeta without warning. She ran away to find the space pod.

After escaping Planet Vegeta and fleeing away from Frieza's men. A wormhole appeared and sucked her in, making her travel to the AiMverse.

After crashing on the Deep Forest. She found Baile Ore and met many heroes in first encounter. She wasn't very known at Baile Ore's Era, but she made many friends such as Raven Tomura (Kolra), Mallori, and Destruction the Hedgehog, and etc. She is also involved as a New Age Hero with brand new adventures with them.

A special relationship occurred at the Martial Arts Tournament between her and Drum. It was since after Drum confessed his love to the Saiyan heroine, after all that, she loved him too. Becoming a couple to each other.

During other events, such as Darkness getting controlled by Salesman. Nobody was able to hit him yet at all, then Controlled Darkness shot Drum multiple times with death beams, this enraged Ceelis and dive kicked Controlled Darkness (Salesman/Zetsubo) in the face when he didn't notice Ceelis exist in this world.

Ceelis was killed by Manus via impaling her during the Reckoning Day. However, during the final day of Summer Tournament III, an anonymous person known by the initials "CP" confirmed that he'd revived Ceelis and is controlling her via Mind Control as a "Champion". Ceelis was very emotionless as all she could do was do her controller's orders. CP told Ceelis to battle the heroes. Later in the battle, Ceelis would have disappeared.

The real Ceelis makes her return from being revived thanks to Vegeta and Darasa by using the last wish from Shenron. But however, the other body of Ceelis from a different dimension wasn't altered at all.


Her Ki is pretty balanced, but her ki power is potentially adequately high and damaging.

After Ceelis gotten used to her ki control, she attempts to use different styles of ki techniques. Making her a unique damage dealer as a Ki Manipulation user and powerful in the battlefield.

Before she was revived, obtaining a new energy named "Mana" while staying inside Enlia's body overtime. Much like spirit energy for the soul, making her capable to sense souls and spiritual fuel. In general: Ceelis is capable to focus her Mind, Body, and Spirit as system.

Skills and Abilities

Ceelis is a very formidable hand-to-hand combatant who can keep up with her speed and strength in balanced way. This gives her advantage by using Freestyle and gives a good insight on using attacks.

She is known to be skillful with melee strikes and ki-blasts. Strong on melee and ranged but not considerably powerful on both. Only thing Ceelis is really good at is doing fighting poses, influenced by the Ginyu Force and Dan Hibiki.

However, Ceelis is incredibly good when it comes to complex techniques. Designing them to be damaging enough to injure her foes, it adds a bonus that she focused on three things. Power, Pure Strength, and Durability.

After obtaining this new energy named "Mana". She's able to focus her spiritual energy while adapting with it, but still new to this energy.


Raging Fist / Kick ~ [A standard fiery ki punch or kick attack. Can be used in variations.]

Comet Kamehameha ~ [The trademark technique for One Handed Kamehameha and shoots a thunderous ki-blast of sheer speed. She only uses it for timing purposes for attack.]

Stunning Gun ~ [A fingergun ki beam attack that shoots a concentrated ring beam and used to slow down a opponent's fast speed temporarily. Inspired by Special Beam Cannon.]

Novae Ball ~ [A spinning, orange superheated ki sphere capable to blast things away with sheer destructive power. Inspired by Nova Sphere except its a Ki Sphere attack.]

Kiai Technique ~ [It is a technique where the user affects the air currents around her with ki to produce powerful shockwaves in order to strike the opponent. Can be used in variations.]

|||Super Moves|||

Novae Kamehameha ~ [The user slams two Novae Balls spinning together and combine it with Super Kamehameha technique. Making it powerful, superheated drill-like motion blast. Inspired by Nova Star.]

Particle Breaker ~ [Capable to break particles away like Stardust Breaker, taught by Dusty.]

|||Power Ups/Forms|||

Super Saiyan 1 (Mastered) ~ [Ceelis achieved this Form after hearing about Broly's death and gained it from a fit of rage. Dusty trained her to control this Super Saiyan Form later on and gotten used to it, then finally managed to control it but not mastered.

After trying to maintain her form by long term meditation and training. She finally achieved mastery of SSJ on Emerald Isles Region as her potential grows. Becoming stronger than ever.]


"Don't touch the tail!" - A sensitive weakspot for saiyans like Ceelis. Grabbing her tail can temponarily stun her in place and open to attacks. However- this isn't common problem since she can train her tail and curl around her waist.

Contemplation - Ceelis takes a larger amount of time to think about her next move than usual as well. A similar flaw from Vegeta and Volt.

Being Fair/Honorable ~ This connects to her being merciful, as well being a fair person in fights. This may take her off-guard by advantage.

Merciful Saiyan - She's not always a brutal warrior, but one of the rare saiyans that tend to give mercy to her foes. She may get caught off-guard when doing so.

Fast Opponents - Biggest flaw on Ceelis so far, and it's been her weakness after sparring against Note all-out in Dust Bowl. She attempts to figure a way to counter them in due time.


  • Her color scheme is mostly black, purple, and a little red. Some people mistaken her as a "relative" of Darkness. In truth, she's really not.
  • Cneelis is portrayed as a "evil twin" or "evil sister" joke. Seemed to be confirmed as Empire Ceelis.
  • She likes Asian-styled food and Drum's cooking.
  • Sometimes called a shorty due to her lesser height than other saiyans, besides Volt.
  • Born around Age 716 - February 27 (Born in Saiyan Nursery and before the Saiyan-Tuffle War.) to assumed Date of Death on Age 737 April - (The time she's suppose to die but altered by lucky pod she found, escaping the fate of death.)
  • Her hobbies are meditating and reading the food magazine.