Doctor Eggman "Augh! Dummies dummies dummies!"Dr. Eggman"
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Orange scales,Green shell,Black spiked chains, and Red hair
950 pounds
Bowser Junior (Son)

The Koopalings (Adopted Children)
Fighting skills
Ability type
Dry Bowser

Giant Bowser

Giga Bowser

Dreamy Bowser


Furious Mode

Dry Bowser

Bowser is the King of the Koopas known for being Mario's rival, and the reason Princess Peach spends more time captured then in her castle. He is the main villain in all the Mario games, only in spin offs, including Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, he is not. Bowser's plans usually work for the most part, untill Mario shows up to stop him.


7-A in his normal form, 6-B in Giant Bowser, 7-A in Furious/Enraged, 7-A in Dry Bowser, 7-A in Meowser, 5-A in Dreamy Bowser, and 4-C in Giga Bowser.


Baby BowserEdit

Not much is know about Bowser's early life, his parents are unknown to the world. Kamek supposedly took the young Koopa King when he was a child as seen from Yoshi's Island.

Super Mario BrosEdit

Years and Years later after Yoshi's Island, Bowser reappears, stealing Mario's "love" interest Princess Peach. Mario eventually beats the King and he goes back into hiding. This process repeats for the next 31 years.

Adventures In MobiusEdit

Cocoa IsleEdit

Bowser found himself on another island, again. He searched the area looking for things to do, people to bully, a plumber to squash. Eventually he stumbled on a Summer Tournament, without getting an invite! This would not do, as he attacked the tournament contestants in anger. They defeated the King Koopa, sending him off to retreat.

Baile OreEdit

Bowser landed on Baile Ore, searching for a new land to conquer. Stumbling on another tournament, but this time he did get an invite. Bowser went on to defeat multiple teams, fighting Broly in the final match. Bowser defeated the Legendary Super Saiyan, heading to fight the champion; Goku. As Bowser defeated the champion one of his enemies attacked, it being the Great Fawful! The Heroes and Bowser defeated Fawful.

Eggman EmpireEdit

Bowser seeing that most of the villains joined this cause, he decided to see what all the fuss was about. Eventually meeting Dr. Wily and Metal Sonic. He joined the cause, leading his army to the isle to help.


Bowser is a rude power hungry king, he tries all he can to be the best and the ONLY best. Bowser thinks he is above everyone, even people who are much more powerful then him he'll talk trash about. Bowser is one of the more aggressive villains being a threat to everyone around him even himself. Bowser can go from a trash talking over confident jerk to a experienced deadly fighter in a matter of seconds.


Bowser has gotten a quite a lot of transformations in the Mario Games. Here are some of them.

  • Giant Bowser: Read Powers.
  • Dry Bowser: When Bowser falls into Lava and can't escape it, his skin will melt from his body turning him into a Dry Bones like Bowser. Bowser is much stronger in this form. Instead of red flames, he breathes out scorching blue flames. He can also throw his own bones at you like a Dry Bones would.
  • Giga Bowser: This form is achieved when Bowser obtains aFinal Smash ball in Super Smash Bros, it is unstable with Power, Bowser can't flinch or be flung in this form. Bowser can still take damage in this form though. Bowser's power increase super dramatically for a couple seconds until the Final Smash wears off.
  • Meowser: When Bowser obtains a Super Bell, he will transform into a form know as Meowser. Meowser has all the same abilities as before in his normal form, but has the abilities like Cat Mario and Co now. Additionally, he grows a bit larger then his Normal State.
  • Dreamy Bowser: Bowser swallows the Dreamy stone to achieve this form. After Bowser swallows it, he transforms into a bigger and more powerful version of himself. He flashes with bright light during this form, his powers are enhanced dramatically by the Dream Stone.
  • Furious Mode: Bowser enters a state of rage after he takes too much damage. Bowser will become more powerful during the time of this form, but he becomes more easy to damage as he lowers his guard due to this anger. He glows a feint red during this mode and steams smoke from his nostrils.

Appearance Edit

Bowser is a large dragon looking turtle. like most of the Koopas, he has yellow skin expect with large choke bands on his arms and neck. He also has his gigantic shell that he uses to block everything that's coming at him. Another thing that makes Bowser stand out is his signature Red Hair and Eyebrows.

Powers Edit

Bowser is a walking wrecking ball is terms of strength as it varies from game to game. His Basic abilities his is classic super strength where he can overwhelm his foes with massive amounts of power. Bowser can breathe out huge amounts of fire for a certain period of time before having to breathe again. Bowser also can use his massive shell as a unbreakable shield. While Bowser is in his shell, he can charge up a dash where he goes so fast sparks create from the shell. When Bowser's life is in danger adrenaline will course throughout his body causing him to grow to a gigantic size. He can also jump really far distances in a single leap. Bowser is almost impossible to kill, he has been burnt, blow up, fell into a black hole, inside a planet, inside a planet while its blowing up, and tons more.

Skills Edit

Bowser is a expert at close range fighting, he has many years of experience to show for. He is the king of his kingdom, so he has an army to command. Leading his thousands upon thousands of soldiers to invade the Mushroom Kingdom or any place of his desire.

Weaknesses Edit

Bowser is way too overconfident about his strength, he'll risk his life just to prove who ever doubted him wrong. Bowser isn't the smartest guy around, he relies on his pure strength to overwhelm his foes. Heroes that are pretty smart can defeat Bowser quite easily. Bowser is also very self-conscious about himself, he will get into a fight over the simplest insult. Bowser's massive attacks can hit like a truck, but that leaves him open for counter-strikes.