The 'Black Blood' are a race of humanoids with a unique ability- using their own blood as a weapon against enemies.


There are multiple variants of Black Bloods, and each one is special in their own way.

Bloody Weapons

The most basic variation, in which the user uses their own blood to create weapons, such as swords, knives, etc. The larger and more complex the weapon, the more blood it requires from the user.

Blood Mist

Another variation, in which the user's blood comes out, as a mist. This can be controlled. The Blood Mist variation is mainly a support variation, as it releases blood into the air to be used by other black bloods, or to distract enemies. A extremely rare and special talent few Blood Mist users have, is the blood echo. This is when users can use the Blood mist to recreate enemies and things owned by them by using the Blood Mist.


The variation in which the user creates long, thing wires known as veins. Veins can be used to trap foes, they can be used for navigation, and for combat. Veins' ends can be made sharp, along with the wire becoming razor sharp, to cut, stab and slash a part foes.


A variation for users that prefer gun based combat, the Trickshot variation allows the user to create bullets made of their own blood. However, the Trickshot variant can create any form of ammunition, or projectile. These bullets can be modified by the user, by changing blood pressure, heat, etc. The Bloody Weapons variation, if the user has it, allows the user to create a gun too.


Possibly one of the most dangerous varations, Bloodstealers are born without blood. Bloodstealers must drink blood, to store it in their body, so that they may be able to use their abilities. Bloodstealers have the ability to mutate and change their body to their current need, by using up some of the blood they have collected. Bloodstealers do NOT gain the abilites from the blood of someone they have drunk. Bloodstealers need blood to use their abilites if they have no blood in their system they cannot use their abilites, using their abilites uses up some of the blood they have collected. If a Bloodstealer has the blood of another variant, they are able to do what that variant is capable of, for a few minutes.

Blood Manipulation

A variation that has only ever been seen once, this variation allows the control and manipulation of blood. The user can change the blood's state, and shape. The user can control the blood inside their body, or in someone elses, but controlling someone elses is much more difficult. This variation is not known to be naturally occurring. [ NOTE: This variant is restricted to Ultra11Omega12 only. ]

Burning Blood

This variation turns the user's blood to the equivalent of lava or fire. With this variation, the users can use their blood to burn and melt things. Along with this, the users can solidify their blood, creating a armor for themselves. These users have a resistance to fire, but not a immunity. The user has a degree of fire control.

Devil Blood

This variant has only ever been seen once, it having appeared on the planet Melona. This variant was believed to be immune to fire, as such, the user's blood could not be burned. However, it was believed that their blood was weak to ice and may have been able to be frozen. It was believed the Devil Blood allowed for some type of form to be accessed. This form was thought to be the reason why the variant gained the name, in which the form was highly demonic. The name of the user was Epati, he is now deceased, and this variant has not appeared again. [ NOTE: This variant is restricted to Ultra11Omega12 only. ]

Golden Blood

A supposed variant that has never been seen used. Very little is actually known about this variant, one of the things known about it is that the color of the blood is golden. It has been seen that this blood, when injected into someone, has incredible healing properties. It appears that Azlato is the only one that knows anything about the golden blood, since he has used it before. [ NOTE: This variant is restricted to Ultra11Omega12 only. ]

Important Notes

All of the Black bloods' blood is slightly flammable, and can be ignited by specific weapons or something that can create fire, Burning Bloods are only slightly immune to this, but over extended time, their blood will ignite and kill them too. Along with this, the Black Blood is considered a Sub Species, that in which, any species can have a member born with the Black Blood in them. On a final note, if a child is born to parents with the Black Blood, what variant the child will have is still random, there is only a greater chance of them of having that variant, but what the child gets may not be that of the parents'. Along with that, there is a real species name that is used for Black Bloods, however, the name was dropped and is rarely ever used anymore. The Species name was known as, " Wilati ".

Creation Story

In the beginning, the original Black Blood was born, Lust. With him, was born his brother, Sin. Originally, Lust and Sin lived in harmony together, until Lust discovered the abilities of the Black Blood. Soon, Lust realized his superiority over other species, he realized he was a being of greater importance, and significance. Lust first tried to convert, and convince a village of this. The villagers, however, chose not to listen, and fought against him. Lust then used the power of the Black Blood, slaughtering the village. Sin arrived, and after seeing his brother's work, went against him. Some time later, Lust began to spread the Black Blood, by using forbidden and forgotten arts he had learned. The Black Blood spread quickly, forming and selecting variants. However, before the Black Blood began to truly spread, Lust had a child, Pride. Pride was the first Bloodstealer, the variant often mistaken for Vampires. Lust went on to battle his brother, and was eventually slain. However, the Black Bloods live on, and one day, Pride shall unite them all once again, in superiority against all others.

The First Blood War [ Old World ]

In the first Blood war, all Black Blood variants were united, led under the leadership of Lust, against his brother Sin, who led the humans and other species against him. The First Blood war lasted four years, until Lust and Sin were both slain. Both of Sin's two greatest allies, generals, and even commanders survived the battle. The two were known as the Double Ts. The first of Lust's greatest allies and generals, Robinson, was slain by Sin in battle. His second general, a mixed breed, Oktuno, went missing. Eventually, the Black Bloods lost, however, they were not wiped out.

The Second Blood War [ Old World ]

The Second Blood war, was when all the variants fought against each other, along with the other species once again working together to fight. The war had been started by Azlato, who seeked to reclaim the throne, the unity that had been created by his father in the first war. Azlato led the Blood Stealers against the multiple armies, at one point nearly destroying the Burning Blood army. A small group went against the war, and fought against all sides, this group was led by a Trickshot variant known as Valor and a mix breed known as Vanguard. Eventually, the small group entered Azlato's castle, and fought against him and his army. Vanguard and Azlato fought, and Vanguard was supposedly killed, while Azlato was taken into custody and tortured, his eyes were removed, and runes made to stop him from growing them back.

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