Bingy Honk
Redesigned Bingy
Current appearance
About 15 years normal time
Yellow Spring body, blue wire like arms and head, purple horn like snout, orange eyes with violent pink eyelids, and green hair styled into pigtails
Collar with a red button and arm holes
Bilingual (technically), jump height
Ability type


Bingy is a Blue skinned Splingorn with a yellow spring body and wire like arms. She has orange eyes and pink/violet Eyelids, and a purple trumpet like snout. She also has green hair styled in a Pig tail fashion. She also dons a "Collar" which enables her to speak clearly, The Collar itself has a red button on it and 2 arm holes. Her Previous Designs were Similar but with out the light grey rings around the red button and arm holes.


Bingy is for the most part care free with about of a spunky attitude and often times a bit stubborn (and "sassy") . She has a keen interest in  certain stories and wants to figure out what might be going on where she's at. She is also willing to help out if she's able, preferably, something not violent but picker can't be choosy. She is also kind hearted to those she knows and is willing to give others a chance to gain trust in others, though she might be able to question if the person is lying or not and not put up with them.


While Bingy's Background is in the air, She Does come from Myslwick woods traveling around seeing new things and seeing whats going on with her Ireorn companion, Snipe. Often Times She has run into some other creatures from her world and occasionally showed up in AiM at Pine Forest (If that is still cannon that is). But This particular world has Bingy curious, making her wonder about some questions and will prefer not to be ignored in order to get them. Questions such as "Why do these people fight so much?", "Why are the Called *heroes*?", "How come there is a majority of species, and why are they the ones that seem to get into fights way more often than those that are less than the majority", and "How come more than half of these people are mentally blind to weird things". However How Bingy and her Companion got there in the first place is still a mystery, as it seems a odd portal dragged them into that current world.


Bingy Technically doesn't have any super natural abilities, But She is Bilingual (if you count actually knowing what most creatures that sound like horns are saying). She Also learned to be a decent navigator around most environments and slightly quick in jumping reflexes.


Bingy is small so it might be hard to hit her, but she can easily be captured, trapped or hit if she can't predict a movement (IE Shooting where she might go, she might run into it or even shooting below her). Of course since she's not immortal any old way of killing this splingorn can work.

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