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This article is about a subject from outside JulianRobotnik's core AiM Canon. It might have some level of canonicity within the two continuities, but reader discretion is advised.[?]
Avarice Walker
Avarice Walker
" The revolution begins now! "
White-haired,Normal skin, and black eyes.
Black business suit with black belt and a white tie
Theo Walker

Unnamed mother

Unnamed father
Neutral Good
Impressive technological genius

Seemingly unbreakable calm demeanor
Ability type

 Avarice Theodore Walker is the CEO of HIGHLANDER and a minor antagonist of Book 1 as well as ultimately a major character in Book 1's Earth in Peril Finale. He seeks nothing more then equality.


Avarice wears a black business suit with a belt along with a white tie along with normal white skin and white hair. His white hair may give the impression he's aged quite a bit. But as it turns out, He's still in his 20's. Strange, is it not?


Avarice is calm,collected,calcuated, and cunning. He depises torture,violence, and destruction despite being guilty afew actions revolving around those and will do just about anything to make sure Teslon and the Hierachy suffer what they did to Earth. Little does he know what happened on Teslon. Avarice also likes to spout subtle threats and orders in-between his words whenever someone manages to break his calm demeanor which is extremely hard to do.


Pre-Book 1

The following text is from a old lore file and may be subject to change in the future. Thank you.


" The Expermients are continuing but we've gotten no results. We've tried our best tap into the Elemental Power that Mobians possess with this imported test subject. We've tried to harness the power and put in the Elemental Rings. It wouldn't work. I want this to work. We can't go back empty handed not after we've gotten this far into the experiments. There's no turning back now. "


" The power of the rings. They are resonating. We may finally be making PROGRESS! Yes! At last! *SOME* Good news. We may finally be able to perfect the rings and release them to the public! Mankind's new generation of Self-Defense is almost here! Mere moments away! But first...I need to figure out to perfect the rings. They are resonating. That is good. We're getting a reaction. But i will need to figure out how to further perfect the rings and bring out the power fully. This may take longer then we thought. I will stop at nothing to see to it that we finish this. "


" Many days have passed since the rings began resonating. We are slowly getting closer to unleashing the power i have put inside the rings. It is a mere matter of time now. I'll be ready to present my success soon enough and then. Me and him. We'll finally go down in the pages of history as innovative men that created a new method of offense and self-defense for Mankind. "


" My brother....My brother,-------, has volunteered to help me with the project. He seemed very passionate about this. I can't blame him. I am as well. We're moments away from a breakthrough. This could be the big chance that both of us were waiting for. It's only a matter of time now......That's what i said last time, isn't it and here i am. Waiting again for the breakthrough to come. Our big shot at finally creating these perfected rings. These perfect inventions for self-defense and WAR! "


" Two weeks have passed since my brother volunteered. We've done everything we could to bring out the energy in the rings. Nothing's working. Has all of our work just lead to a complete and utter dead end? No. There must be something i missed. Something i didn't do right. There HAS to be a way to make it work. There HAS to be. I'm going to find out what i did wrong. I'm going to fix this. I'm going to make things right and finally get the big reward me and him have strifed for. I have to. "


" I have come with the perfect solution to our big problem. I am creating a machine to bring out the energy of the ring. The machine will be the perfect solution to the problem we have faced. I know it will work. I don't have to hope it will. It's GOING to work. I'll make it sure it works no matter what. My brother's agreed to be the subject for this final experiment. If we fail, We'll quit the business for good. We'll have to apogolize to everyone. But that won't hope. This is going to work. I know it will. "


" .....GOD NO!....He's...I.....My brother's....G.....I...What i have done?....My brother...he's. I don't...... "


" This will be my final entry. I knew what this would entail when i did this. My brother is gone. I never had one. This experiment has turned out to be a failure. No matter. I won't make the same mistake next time. What happens next will be the beginning of something new. "

Crimsonblood Saga

Avarice was mentoned afew times in this saga and only made two appearances as a kind and reassuring figure when he talked to Mallori. Afterwards, Avarice disappeared from the saga and his involvement in the series was seemingly just background cast.

Zacharie Timeline Saga

Avarice was absent during the entirety of this saga. Everything involving him going on off-screen in the background. Avarice spent most of his time working on the Philosopher's Stone project as well as the Godkiller Cannon. Not much else can be said.

Ocean Saga (OC)

This saga never came to be. The concept of Avarice's presence was that during this saga, The heroes would end up infiltrating HIGHLANDER's building and uncovering Avarice's secrets. That never saw the light of day.

Earth in Peril Saga

The final saga of Book 1 and Avarice's last appearance so far. Avarice also didn't do much during Earth in Peril outside of starting to slowly appear more evil and sinister in the background with his plan to defeat Salesman. When he finally launched his plan and fired the Godkiller Cannon at him. It ended up backfriring but managed to distract Salesman and allowed the Heroes to deliever the final blow to Izanagi. Afterwards, Avarice took his leave.


Avarice has no powers.


Avarice's impressive technological genius along with his ability to stay calm in tense-filled situations allowed him to weasel out of alot of things and make things easier on himself. He unfortunately, however, wasn't able to completeely escape situations with this tactic every time as such. Another ability. He's able to use his genius to cover up important things and keep himself clean.


See Abilities.


Avarice's weakness is his own humanity. He unfortunately isn't a very good fighter as such, One hit could easily take him down but what he lacks in strength and defense, He makes up with smarts.

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