Redesigned Antimat (ReFURbed)
Current Appearance/ condition
(Glitch) Corrupt
Dark Grey, purple eyes, yellow teeth, light grey wings with spikes
Holes in his body and head
Neutral/ "Villain"
Twisting visions/ memories
Ability type


Antimat is a Dark grey Corrupt with pointed yellow teeth, two purple eyes (both different shades). His face is the only area that has actual fur, and he has long eats, He also have holes and gaps littered all over his body and his eye holes have melted together and went down into his teeth. He also has furry light grey wings with dark grey spikes. 

His Old World appearance was less withered and his wings were actually more blocky and pix-elated.

Antimat the Corrupt

Old Design of Antimat pre redesign


Antimat is a Twisted Corrupt being. Oddly this corrupt takes more enjoyment watching his own vessel suffer rather than has the vessel harm others due to his control. He is often mean spirited and often fight and Argues with the Vessel mentally. The Corrupt itself could listen if there is a good reason to listen in the first place, This is because he sorta wants nothing more than watch the downfall of his own Vessel and Will Create Nightmares to actually do just that or mess with other people.


Antimat's Origin is a bit in the dark, All that is known is that he's a Glitched Corrupt that Resides in a Vessel and would constantly remind it of what it did in the past. Rumor had it that this EXACT Corrupt caused the Downfall of a chain known as Gameverse Arcade by taking Control of one of the Characters and using it to kill and hunt victims at night. This was only supported by the fact the Corrupt's Eyes Matches The Animatronic eyes when it was acting up. 

Antimat is Currently still in a Vessel but is Constantly causing trouble to it, Reminding it of "what it did" in the past, and Constantly making nightmarish versions of things from it's past. This Also Involved characters from Gameverse Arcade, First Involving a series of "Corrupted" Characters where if one looked there would have been flesh but there was still metal. This soon Changed to More Horrific and VIOLENT Versions known as the "Corrosive" Characters. These Characters however showed no real sign of being metal, but rather Full FLESHED DEMONIC MONSTERS with guts, organs, and real bones.


Antimat's Abilities are basically Twisting the mind of the Vessel he's in, mostly causing hallucinations so strong they can seem REAL (and Be Real). Obviously He Could fly and float and use his "claws" if he was in physical combat. This would have also involved ranged attacks such as spikes and dark matter, and He can Summon certain things from the Memories of his Vessel.


Antimat's Weakness would likely be almost the same as some mortals, well mostly. To Kill him likely you would need a HUGE Laser blast (But if he's still inside a Vessel, Congrats you killed a Person that was tormented by the thing you tried to kill :D ). But He can be talking to his senses if he still has any since He Represents The Vessel's Madness and Insanity.


  • Before Antimat's Character was made Another character Haunted His Vessel before He was a thing, This being was a Recolored Rabbit Animatronic Now Referred to as SpringJolt (SJ for short). After this character was mentioned He was never mentioned again after being called out as Jolt's Anti.
  • Despite this Antimat HAS Actually Brought up SpringJolt CONSTANTLY to his Vessel, Suggesting that part of that poorly made animatronic past is still somewhat relevant or cannon.
  • This Also Occurred with Other Robotic Characters that have made small appearances back near the "Oc" (aka BB fc) era of AiM, of which have been recycled for the "Gameverse arcade" cast as well.
  • Characters Included Early versions of Crankjaw, Gizspunk, and SpringBolt
Corrupted Springjolt

Corrupted SpringJolt (Note that it has Antimat's Eyes and has bits of Bone and Flesh on it while also still having metal)

Corrosive SJ

Corrosive SpringJolt (Note that This ALSO has Antimat's Eyes but Looks a bit more Horrific than it's Corrupted Countered, not Including ANY Metal parts