Alucard is a vampire who is the most powerful weapon of the Hellsing Organization who exterminates vampires, ghouls, and such. Alucard is variant to any other vampires which makes him a prominent vampire than any other vampire to exist. Alucard hasn't been rivaled for years, his only and former rival was a dark priest named Alexander Anderson.


Alucard like other vampires have blood red eyes which can glow in some situations. He also wears a red trench coat, black boots, yellow shades, and a red hat which his shades may also glow during night. Alucard is originally Vlad the Impaler which he can transform into his original form. Vlad has a slight difference in his hair and having facial hair, he also wears armor and a cape. Alucard also can take the form of a little girl named "Girlycard" having dark hair that drapes to below his shoulders, a fuzzy white cap, a black office shirt with a white vest over it, white pants, white shoes, a white trench coat, and a red tie.


Alucard is psychotic brutally beating someone or killing them for his amusement and entertainment, he has also shown arrogance, never backing down from a fight. However, a small bit of humanity is left inside him which can make him show emotions that people never commonly see and help people in a situation he rarely does. He also rarely shows impression being impressed at some of his opponents abilities. He is also egoistical taunting his enemies in a fight and belittles them. Although he is envious to how humans can experience death while he cannot since he is immortal.