Adventure Funtime Foxy
Adventure Funtime foxy
Edit used to represent Adv.FT.Foxy
It's a Robot
It's a Robot, Neutral
Animatronic Fox
white and pink Plastic exterior including a tail, ears, cheeks, lipstick (we assume), paws, A hook, 2 yellow eyes, and a red bow tie
Suit, it's a animatronic suit
again it's a robot
"Happy jam" (2), "Cosmic song", "Gift Boxes"
Ability type
NONE it's a robot

"IT Wasn't Meant to Last" - Adv.Ft.Foxy's loading screen (and general appearance of the animatronics on AiM in general)

This Animatronic as well as a slew of other characters used to appear on AiM/ AoS from time to time, but were soon Discontinued and Scrapped due to people and their characters (But mostly the People) Hating these characters.

If You want more Game Accurate Information on this character and not the Non Cannon version of the non cannon game use this Link


Adv.Ft.Foxy is a Animatronic Fox character with a metal endo skeleton, and Plastic suiting. The majority of this suit is White with a Pink belly, snout, paw print, tip of the tail, inner ear, pants and lower feet. It dons a Hook on it's right hand and has a tail as well as a red bow tie


Since this character is and always IS a ROBOT it would be nearly impossible to know or even give a personality even if the person wanted too.

On AiM however IT is simply a robot that is happy to help or willing to help if people wanted it too. The Robot would have been just happy going in General, positive thinker, but also has a awareness of it's bigger and "meaner" counterpart (As do most of the others, Adv.Ft.Foxy is one of the Newest ones to Realize this)


From the Game this character Originated from It is assumed to have come from Animatronica (or whatever the place was called at the time), And it stops there pretty much for the Game itself.

On AiM though a bit more was made up by a poor sap that thought it was a good idea to RP something that wouldn't be likely to murder you, taking the ending of the 2nd Update from the game and making a clearly non cannon spin to it. After the Events of "update 2" It is assumed that the world or at the very least the town of Animatronica was destroyed, leaving the Adventure animatronics without a home (Adv.FT foxy among the group). Despite the bots being well robots they at least needed a home so they traveled till they found one (in other worlds break through a flip side and see if things are bad there). Soon they did find a place, but the people wouldn't be as friendly (perhaps because they were against robots posing as animals, or they just hated kid entertainers). During this period Adv.Ft.Foxy figured out that there was a bigger counterpart of itself and immediately dreaded it, This was supposed to be due to It being NEW to that experience, since in this poor fan made version the Adventure models KNOW about their bigger counterpart (and it would be hard to ignore it if one of them have seen 2 of them). However Since The character as well as all of it's friends are scrapped, Their current whereabouts and wither they are intact or not is UNKNOWN.

Adv.ft.foxy mugshot edit

Alternative Unused edit


Adv.Ft.Foxy's Abilities include these moves

  • Happy Jam (2), A Healing move used Via Music notes
  • Cosmic Song, A move that could hit multiple targets with Comets (and Music notes technically)
  • Gift Boxes, Basically a Revival move that can revive fellow animatronics, technically animals, and video game sprites

Minor Non cannon abilities would be the character utilizing it's hook and using it to it's advantage (possible sword fighter since....Foxy counterpart . . . .again non Cannon)


Adv.Ft.Foxy's "weakness" would be pretty straight forward, being the same things that would kill of a normal robot (not a Badnik mind you, A robot). It can be Taken apart and could possibly be Broken beyond repair and could be hung.

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